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    <div id="block-branding" class="block block-branding">
      <a href="https://www.comicrelief.com" title="Home" rel="home noopener noreferrer" class="site-logo site-logo--crdonate">
        <img src="./kss-assets/images/cr_logo.svg" alt="Home">
<div class="kss-modifier__example promo-header promo-header--default promo-header--small" style="background: url('./kss-assets/images/single_donation_skate_girl.jpg') center top no-repeat transparent;">
    <h1 class="font--xlarge"><span class="kss-image-dimension">Promo header <br/>1900 x 592</span></h1>
  <div class="inner-content failure">
      <h1>Oops, your payment <br /> didn&apos;t go through</h1>
      <h2>Your transaction failed and you&apos;ve not been charged</h2>
      <a class="btn btn--red" href="/">Try again</a>
        If you continue to encounter this problem please <a class="link link--dark-purple" href="https://www.comicrelief.com/contact-us"><strong>contact the support team</strong></a>

<div class="partners">
   <section class="donate__partners">
      <div class="donate__partners-fr"><img src="./kss-assets/images/frsb.png" alt="Registered with Fundraising Regulator - Logo"></div>
      <div class="donate__partners-digicert"><img src="./kss-assets/images/logo_digicert_v1.jpg" alt="DigiCert Logo"></div>
      <p class="donate__partners-copy font--xsmall">By working with the best partners like Braintree, DigiCert, Paypal, Stripe and WorldPay, we'll keep your data safe. <a class="hyperlink" href="https://www.cafonline.org/" aria-label="Click here to go to Charities Aid Foundation account">Donate using your Charities Aid Foundation account</a></p>

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